Safe Lifting Equipment

Many people work in jobs that require them to use lifting equipment to move heavy objects. This might be forklift trucks, hoists or mobile elevating work platforms. If you work for a business that uses any of this equipment then it will need to comply with a number of legal requirements to make sure that anyone who uses the equipment stays safe.


One of the most important things to ensure is that the lifting equipment is both strong enough for the lifting operation and stable for use. It will also need to be clearly marked with all relevant safety information and the safe working limits. This will help to prevent people using the equipment attempting to lift something that exceeds the safe working limits.

Correct Positioning

Any equipment that you might use needs to be located in the safest place possible and any potential danger areas should be marked accordingly. If the equipment will be lifting heavy weights overhead then it is important that markings show where the lifting path is to prevent anyone walking underneath during lifting operations.

Competent Employees

Before anyone uses equipment, it is important to ensure that they have had sufficient training in its safe operation. By ensuring that all employees using the equipment are competent it will help to reduce any accidents caused by inexperienced employees doing something that they should not be doing.

It is also important to ensure that anyone that is using this equipment does so in a way that they are not endangering any other employees, customers or visitors. Many accidents occur when employees use equipment incorrectly or take shortcuts to circumvent safety procedures. By training staff properly these accidents you can help to prevent these accidents.

Proper Maintenance

To keep the equipment in top condition, it is important to maintain it properly. Carry out any maintenance on all the equipment on a regular basis, including inspection and testing of all working parts. Ensure that only a competent person performs any maintenance and repair work, preferably one who has training and experience with the equipment they are working on.

Using lifting equipment can really facilitate the easy movement of heavy or large objects and many businesses use this equipment on a regular basis. If this equipment is not operated correctly then it can represent a danger to the operator or any nearby employees. Proper maintenance of the equipment and training for staff members will really help to reduce the risk of accidents and make the equipment safer for everyone.