Make Your Carpets Healthy For Your Toddlers

Is your toddler is exhausted by frequent coughs, colds, and wheezes? It is common in many children to have recurrent bronchitis symptoms despite taking every care possible. Well, allergens are to be blamed but in many cases parents and the children’s pediatricians are not aware of the exact cause for the allergy and keep their children on high doses of antibiotics and bronchodilators. No doubt child gets fed up and suffers from more problems on psychological front. The purpose to tell you all this is to ask you a question! Are you aware that unclean upholstery and carpet in your house can be the cause for your child’s problem?

Yes, in many households, people do not pay enough attention to the carpets they walk on and the tiles they fail to clean regularly. The dust mites and allergens accumulated over a period of time develop nasty symptoms in children as well as adults. Asthma or bronchitis is the end result of it. The toddlers have the habit of dirtying things around and if this is coupled by pet menace, your carpet just cannot remain clean! Well, we know you take efforts to vacuum clean it once in a while but still you know that urine stains and odors are hard to die. This is the chief reason why experts recommend professional dry cleaning carpet at least once in six months.

What professional carpet cleaning does to avoid asthma?

(1)    When regular vacuuming is coupled with carpet cleaning once in six months, it drastically reduces the chances of getting your carpet dirty. Even the finest of gritty dust particles are eradicated with carpet cleaning and give it much awaited cleanliness and durability.

(2)    Before professional carpet cleaning the experts pre-vacuum it so that it is ready for cleaning.

(3)    There is a definite pre-treatment available for indelible spots and stains.

(4)    After pre-spraying the carpet, the experts agitate it.

(5)    Thereafter steam cleaning procedure is done. Due to this lengthy procedure, your carpet gets thoroughly cleaned.

(6)    Once the cleaning is complete, they will scotch guard it so that the carpet in future will repel the stains as far as possible. This is the most essential technique that will avoid further damage to your carpet. Also the chemical used is eco-friendly and does not cause any allergy of any sort. So, it is safe to use even if you have toddlers and pets in your house.

Also it is true that pets’ urine very indelible. This emits a strong odor and it remains literally for years together. The dot that appears on surface is mere the tip of the iceberg and therefore only a thorough carpet cleaning can eradicate the stain and odor. It literally breaks down the urine and emits carbon dioxide and water so that all smell is gone forever. The toddlers now can walk freely on carpets without the risk of catching allergy! What else do you want? Get rid of all the pathogens and allergens in your house by professional carpet cleaning!