How to Create a Flood of Traffic With Blog Commenting

If you want to learn about free traffic, creating backlinks and getting your name out on the internet, then you’ll want to read this article. Specifically, we’ll discuss where to find relevant blogs, do’s and don’ts of blog commenting, and forming a blogging buddy group. I will explain each of these concepts in this article, and show how you can leverage them to create your flood of free traffic.

Commenting on Other Blogger’s Content

Leaving a comment on relevant posts is a great way to find new content to write about and to meet Carmel’s Blog. Here are a couple of tips on locating relevant blogs that is worth your time to comment on.

Go to one person who has previously left a comment on your blog, A clicking into their blog, and moving a fast response under their most recent entry

Utilize blog finder tools to find related blogs. There are a couple of these tools listed on my blog. Click the web link at the end of the article.

Search on Google for blogs that receive much traffic as well as have good search engine rankings. Search such as “your niche + blog” and look at the blogs in the top 20 listings. If they are appear suited to your niche market, start making a note of them.

It only takes a few minutes, and it is free to leave a comment. Find blogs relevant to your niche and start building relationships with other bloggers.

Do’s and Don’ts of Blog Commenting

To avoid receiving much spam, most blogs are set up to have comments moderated before placing it on their blog. Here are some do’sA and don’ts to ensure your comments will be approved.


Be courteous. Leave appropriate comments.

Provide value in your comment. Add something new to expand upon the post.

Provide a hyperlink. Leave a call-to-action back to a relevant post on your blog.


Do not pitch your business. By doing so, you have just wasted valuable time commenting on a post that will not be approved.

Do not leave spammy one line comments such as “Nice Post” or “Very Informative.” You want to start a conversation with the other bloggers.

If you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. There is a difference between not agreeing and being downright rude.

You want to be sure to have your comments approved. Following these few do’s and don’ts will ensure your comments will be considered a valuable addition to the conversation.

Blogging Buddies to Spread the Word

Networking is a team sport. Create a group of fellow bloggers to comment and share your content. Having blogging buddies is an excellent way to hold yourself accountable. When other people depend on you to say on their blog, you are more apt to go out and comment.

You will want to set some guideline for your team:

Start with about five members

Members should be in the same market, not necessarily the same niche

Members are to create posts at least twice a week

Members will need to comment on at least one post – per member – per week

Create a blogging to-do list for each member to implement into their daily routine

Join forces with people that you are already associated with your market. Check out their blogs, see if it relates to yours and has content worth commenting. Working together increases the amount of  exposure for each member of the group.

Blog commenting is an important marketing strategy — a great way to drive free traffic and be recognized in the blogging community. Now find some related posts, watch your do’s and don’ts and most of all, have fun.