Home Decor: What’s Trending Now?

Bought a new house or just want to renew it? Every home decor detail counts. Even if it is small and not so visible to others at first sight. But this time, we are talking about much bigger and eye-catching home decor that can make your home look unique, modern and fancy. Guessing what is it? It’s window blinds!

If a few years ago, window blinds was needed only for a privacy and sun protection purposes, for several years this is one of the most desirable product of all. However, no more boring curtains are popular. This year, vertical and roller blinds dominate.

Vertical blinds

  • This type of blinds, stand for its durability and budget-friendly option. They can be made in different sizes, colors and even have picture on it;
  • Practical, protects from UV rays, easy to maintain;
  • Perfect for large windows and particularly popular choice for sliding glass doors.

What’s trending now?

You think that nothing special can be about vertical blinds? Then you are wrong. Today, you can have any kind of design blinds. For instance: with picture of your favorite flowers, buildings, animals, skyline, portrait or even picture of yourself or your family. If you choose the right manufacturer, you would be also able to make your own design blinds. In other words, to upload your own picture!

Where it can be places:

Vertical blinds can go on kitchen, living room, bedroom, children room windows and etc. You can see some examples for kitchen windows provided by For kitchen, you can choose blinds with fruits, food or just colorful view images. Just have to use your imagination and you will create your desired kitchen or other room.

Roller blinds

  • they are definitely aesthetically attractive;
  • flexible and easy to use;
  • durable and the same as vertical blinds, came in various designs, shades and sizes.

As vertical blinds, roller blinds can also be used for different rooms. They perfectly fit on kitchen, living room, bedroom windows. And they really look gorgeous and unique. Don’t believe us? Check out these kitchen roller blinds, choose your favorite design and install it on your windows. We are quite sure you will be satisfied.