Easy Tips To Blog To the Bank

They have come a long way since then as the software has gotten better and more straightforward and people have figured out how to make money writing blogs.  If you have wanted a way to make money online, then the easiest way to start is blogging.

To get started making money blogging the first thing you are going to have to find a niche.  A blog about many stuff is excellent if you want a personal blog, but if you are trying to make some money, you need By now, most of the people of the world with access to a computer have heard of a blog even if they are not entirely sure what one is.  Blogs (and the software to write them) started as a sort of on-line narrow your niche. The finding of a slot that you can make money in is counter-intuitive. For example, there are lots of people interested in fitness, but that means there is an equal number of Carmel’s Blog about it.  If you can find an under-served niche, like underwater basket weaving, then you have a much better chance of gaining a higher rank in Google and more readers.

Once, you get a niche your blog needs a name.  Try not to get too smart. People won’t visit the blog unless they know what it is about.  Let the title reflect the content. Constant posting is also essential. It gives the reader a reason to keep visiting while also helping your Google score.  The more times a week you add content, the more often the spiders visit your blog.

Now we are ready to make money.  How is this done? People are certainly not going to pay to read your musings on underwater basket weaving so how is it done?  One of the most popular is by using Google AdSense. When you do this, you allow Google to post their AdSense ads down the side of your blog.  The ads are linked to your content. You are paid when a reader clicks on one of the ads. These are called pay per click ads.

The next step up from there are affiliate ads.  You join an affiliate program (almost always free) and place an ad for them on your site.  Unlike AdSense ads, you get to pick the ad you use, and they tend to be full color. If a viewer clicks on one of these ads it takes them to their site where they try to sell their product.  Once they do, you receive a commission That varies from 3% to over 40%. Once the commissions meet a set amount you are mailed a check or the money is transferred into your account. Once your reader visits the affiliate site, a cookie is inserted, and you get paid for any sales from that reader in a set time, generally 30 days.