Dental Care – 5 Tips to Finding a Good Dentist

If you are new in town and need a dentist or are searching for one who does not break the bank, I admit that you are in the midst of a difficult and overwhelming process. When I visited a new dentist, many concerns at once crossed my mind: Will he be gentle? Will she be honest? If you are at all like me, it is easy to think that dentists are trying to rip me off — like a crooked car mechanic telling me all of the “needed” repairs for my perfectly-fine Honda. Believe it or not, upright and amiable dentists do exist, and I have found 5 easy steps to pinpoint a gentle, trustworthy Serenity Scottsdale Dentist.

1. Ask Around! What dentist do your friends and family recommend? You can narrow down your options by learning about their experiences. A dentist’s reputation in your community can be the most accurate indicator of his or her quality of work.

2. Check Online Ratings. Another great way to discover key information about different dentists in your area is to visit an online review site. These sites are gateways to extremely specific information about dentists, including the credibility of their practice, how many years they have been practicing, and the dental schools from which they obtained degrees. One such site, , even allows you to find whether the dentist is accepting new patients and schedule an appointment online!

The best online rating systems provide thousands of reviews written by dental patients, meaning that the reviews are genuine and trustworthy. Bear in mind that patients are more likely to report a bad experience than a good one, so a lack of reviews could indicate a good dentist.

3. Verify Professional Credibility. The best dentists are often members of the prestigious American Dental Association (ADA), which sets nationwide professional standards for dental work. Online review sites will often give you this information, but you can also check the ADA’s website to see if your dentist is a member and, as a result, find security in your choice of dentist.

4. Match the Dentist with Your Coverage. Once you have found reputable, credible dentists in your area that appeal to you, find out if they accept your particular plan or insurance. You can accomplish this by visiting your dental plan’s website or calling the office. This crucial step automatically narrows down your list to the dentists you want to see who will save you the most money. If you do not have a dental plan, perhaps this is a good time to find one with immediate coverage for you and your family, so that you can see a dentist as soon as possible!

5. Evaluate the Office Atmosphere. Finally, call or visit the dentists you are considering. A dental office’s atmosphere is the determining factor for many people choosing between equally good dentists. If the office receptionist is polite and informative, you can rest assured that most likely the dentist is equally helpful and professional. Similarly, if you speak with receptionists who are neither friendly nor knowledgeable, it is reasonable to assume that their dentist will have the same attitude. Talking to an informed receptionist will also help answer any questions you might have about a dentist’s procedures and fees before you schedule work to be performed.

Do not hesitate to visit the dental office yourself before scheduling an appointment, or at least stop by for a virtual visit via . Google Earth will give you a great picture of the building as well as its surrounding locations. What does the office exterior look like? Inside, is the office clean, sterile, and well-kept? The atmosphere of a dental office is often a revealing sign of how much it values hygiene and conscientiousness in dental work, and you deserve the best!

The next time you have a toothache, do not forget your freedom of choice. Be sure to follow these tips to find the perfect dentist for you — a dentist you can trust at an office where you can feel safe and secure!