Clothing Clearout with Clearabee Rubbish Removal

Every year in the United Kingdom an estimated 255 million items of clothing are placed in the household rubbish collection service before finding their way to a landfill site. Many of the discarded clothes haven’t even been worn but for many people it is an effortless way of disposing of their garments. With dazzling new fashions being launched every season, many fashion-conscious consumers can’t resist buying additional new clothes and eventually they have to make room for even more by throwing many unfashionable items in the bin. A general rule is that if you haven’t worn an item for two years you won’t wear it at all.

Why Clothing should be disposed of correctly

Under normal circumstances a natural, environmentally-friendly fibre such as cotton or linen should decompose relatively successfully in less than a year. However, when clothing is in a landfill site it is often buried beneath tons of waste that compresses and stifles the different layers depriving them of the vital oxygen that is necessary for decomposition to take place. Researchers in 2016 weren’t surprised to discover that natural fabrics in a landfill site were still intact even after several decades. Scientists further predict that clothes made from synthetic fibres will take at least four hundred years to go through a process of decomposition but because they’re made of unnatural materials they will release a variety of toxins into the environment.

How much Clothing is sent to Landfill Sites?

Statistics estimated 15 million tonnes of general household rubbish was sent to landfill sites during 2016. A total of around 900,000 tonnes was attributable to clothing. That is the equivalent of imagining almost two million pairs of jeans or one million pairs of shoes cluttering up the environment! Thousands of garments of all descriptions that could be recycled in some form are being wasted. With recycling initiatives even textiles that are apparently beyond being worn can be burned for fuel. Rubbish removal companies such as Clearabee are instrumental in ensuring discarded clothing is recycled.

Clothing Recycling Initiatives

There are a variety of schemes that recycle garments made of synthetics such as polyester. The resulting thread is then woven into new cloth which eventually becomes a fashionable item on the catwalk. The polyester coat you sent to a landfill site could have had a new lease of life if you had made the effort to take it to a charity shop. So many clothes are discarded because they don’t meet with current fashion trends that those in charity shops are usually of a good quality and at least, the funds they generate are contributing to worthwhile causes. You can find the addresses of your nearest charity shops if you search online. If you don’t have the time to assess the unloved items in your wardrobe or you have such a large volume that you need a skip, why not let a rubbish removal company take charge of them instead?

Clearabee Rubbish Removal

The Clearabee rubbish removal service is fast, efficient and cost-effective. You can pile all your unwanted clutter including last year’s fashion disasters into a spacious, environmentally-friendly skip bag and arrange a suitable date for its removal by the Clearabee team. They can guarantee that your clothing clutter will be sorted and recycled in the most appropriate ways to prevent at least 90% of it ending up in a landfill site. And with a convenient, nationwide service you can be sure of Clearabee’s help wherever you live.