3 Ways To Draw Attention To Your Restaurant

What causes some restaurants to flourish and others to fade quietly away? If you’ve ever found a new restaurant that you loved only to see it shut down months later, you have probably asked yourself this question. Food, marketing, location and just plain luck are all factors in what causes these businesses to succeed or fail. Here are three things to focus on if you want to make it in the industry.



When a customer visits your restaurant, the last thing you want that person to be thinking is how badly your location needs a good clean. Invest the time and money needed to have your location professionally cleaned both inside and out. Power washing and painting the outside will help the building shine, while a cleaning crew can scrub the inside top to bottom. Don’t forget about the kitchen, particularly if part of it is visible to the public. Search for restaurant cleaning central Florida or wherever you reside to find a company that provides this service.

Happy Hour

Running reliable, affordable happy hour specials is a great way to draw a regular crowd, particularly if your restaurant is close to some other local businesses. Consider having a … Read More

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How Your Home Benefits From a Good Washing

You work hard to keep your home clean and spotless. You sweep, scrub and vacuum. Now that the inside of your house sparkles, what about the outside? If you’ve never had the exterior of your home power washed, you wouldn’t believe how different it could look. Here are several benefits of giving your home a good bath.


Your House Will Look Like New

Of course, the biggest change after a washing is the house’s appearance. Over the years, its exterior has gradually gotten dirty due to exhaust, pollution, bird droppings and even rain. This process happens so slowly you don’t notice. Once you decide on exterior house cleaning Ponte Vedra Beach FL you’ll be amazed at how new the house will look.

Washing Your Home Removes More Than Dirt

Cleaning the exterior of your home isn’t just about removing dirt. When a house has the grime blasted off, you also remove pollen, mold and other outside allergens. If you’ve ever seen that green film on your house, it will be removed during the washing. Plus, it’s much easier, faster and less messy than attempting to scrub it off by hand.

A Power Wash Can Extend the Life of Your Read More

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Key Qualities of a Good Commercial Roofer

Few things are more stressful for a business owner than a failing roof. Since it’s so important to both your reputation and the safety of your customers, there can be no delay in replacing one that has sprung a leak or worse. But with so many commercial roofers to choose from, it’s critical to pick the right one. Here are three qualities to look for.



When researching roofing st charles mo, you’ll encounter dozens of companies. The ones that should go to the top of your list are those with reputations for trustworthiness. So ask each roofer to provide you with testimonials from previous customers. You’ll be working closely with the roofer throughout the process, so making sure they are prepared to address any questions and concerns you might have is critical. If they can quickly demonstrate a history of satisfied customers, you’ll feel better about using their services.


Check that a prospective commercial roofer is fully licensed to do the work. They should be able to provide you with a state license number and be in good standing with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau. It can be time-consuming to verify the integrity of each … Read More

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