House Cleaning Tips for the Time Poor Housekeeper

Cleaning can be such a headache! But without it, we pay so much more for the consequences — disease-causing bacteria, dour moods, an uninviting place, and low productivity, both at home and at work! It has been proven that people who are more organized and tidy get things done faster because it becomes easier to find stuff when the need arises. So no matter how busy you are, and no matter how much of a chore you may think it is, cleaning is worth the headache. You just have to follow a system. Check out our house cleaning toronto tips to help you on your way.

First of all, the less clutter you create in the first place, the less there is to clean! You should avoid bringing in dirt and confusion into your home. When you step outside, minimize contact with dirty surfaces to bring less trash when you get home. And once you get back, dusting off your shoes on dirt rugs and depositing your wet/dirty clothes in “half-way” rooms, closets, or containers will minimize the entry of dust and bacteria.

Oh, and clearing clutter should be high on your priority list, too. Don’t wait for clutter to … Read More

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